Begin Again

August 2014

Before GitHub pages, or even GitHub, there was flatown.

Flatown has always been served off a self-contained git repository. I first created flatown when I started learning git, as I was struck by the idea of using git as a sort of content management system (which of course it is). Anyway, the idea is still alive and well, albeit reincarnated.

In my makeshift version, updates to the repo used to automatically generate the "what's changed" section for the site. I'm now switching to GitHub pages, which doesn't do that, but it has other nice features (like not having to maintain a separate server).

As people often say when they start or restart a project, I'm planning to update regularly. I've really been meaning to write more, but I'm not good at it so I find it difficult. Anyway, it's about time I get better. So here we go again.