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Hi, I'm Jared

My name is Jared Michael Flatow, and flatown is my domain.

I grew up in Oceanside, NY (school #9). In 2003, I moved to Houston, TX to study electrical and computer engineering at Rice University. In 2007, I moved to Chicago, IL to work for the Northwestern University Biomedical Informatics Center (though it was then under a different name as part of the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center). In 2009, I moved to Palo Alto, CA to join the Data Insight program at Nokia Research Center.

I've worked for a few startups, and now I'm starting my own, called Quasi Convex Union. We're building a product called Skej.

About me

I write code to express myself. When done with care, I find Beauty and Purity in the formal expression of things. There's just a certain elegance to it.

I'm especially interested in the relationship between humans and machines. I like to build things that fit human intuition. I want to understand why people do what they do, and how to build systems that are robust to our flaws.

I tend to build lots of different things. Most of them I don't tell anyone about. For me, that's not the usually the point. That said, here are some of the publicized projects I've built or worked on:

Skej is the easy way to schedule.
Disco is a lightweight, open-source framework for distributed computing based on the MapReduce paradigm.
viz was an OS X command line utility for interactively visualizing arbitrarily large streams of data.
g3p gave you access to the PubMed databases through a Google Gadget.

I have a few more things I've been working on that I'd like to add here, so stay tuned. Otherwise, you can find more of my code on GitHub.